Nov 4, 2012

A rabbit, a dwarf and an humble piece of land.

I have been fighting on different fronts lately, slowly building up a new gameboard for SAGA skirmishes, and painting a new batch of Anglo-Dvergish, at the same time. And, hum... you know what they say about chasing two rabbits... This ended up with two rather unproductive weeks which I found quite frustrating. And an Halloween party hangover did not really help. I was only kept motivated by the decisive progress I made on the preparation of a short SAGA campaign to be played between Skraelings and Vikings for the domination of Vinland. And the enthousiastic correspondance that John and I had while creating and editing the scenarios. But more on that later...

More double-handed axes...
Some new dwarf warriors shall finally see light during the week. Meanwhile, here is a group of dwarves armed with double-handed axes, that I painted few weeks ago, but did not found the opportunity to publish a descent picture of them. As this blog is also a mean to keep record of all units I paint, here they are. I might field them as two points of Anglo-Dvergish hearthguards.

Now,  my primary goal with the dwarves is really close to be achieved. Thus, I have thought my next move should be completly devoted to terrain building. And fortunatly, the postman rang my doorbell at the end of the week, right on time to support my efforts toward this new objective. So here is a preview of what is to come next: an awfully cool slice of perryness.

Perry Miniatures, Medieval Cottage.

I'll try to arrange the wattlework fences in some sort of medieval way, and I might cut it down into pieces to round things a little. By the way, am I the only one who find some sort of ressemblance between these really handy Renadra fences and the equally famous artwork of the Limbourg's Brothers ?

February, Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry.

I might try to stick to their colour schemes...


  1. wow! "great" dwarves!!!
    the cottage looks so awful or you're depicted only by the fences?

    1. Thank you Sam. Don't get me wrong alike the cottage model so much that I say it's awfully cool...

  2. Been meaning to ask - what make are the Dwarfs, they're nifty sculpts.

    1. The dwarfs are Games Workshop form the Lord of the Ring range sculpted by one of the Perry twins if I am correct.

  3. Nice looking Dwarves or should I say Anglo-Danes. Look forward to seeing the house painted and the terrain.


  4. Very nice figures, dwarves are looking great!