Oct 6, 2012

A warlord indeed

It was about time I finish this one. John is about to arrive at my place within an hour for our first SAGA game. Well, this is the kind of thick beard that he will have to shave off today. I hope his axes are well sharpen, because mine have a greedy thirst for blood today. It is canadian thanksgiving this week-end, yet today, there will be no mercy !

Here he is, Warlord of the Dvergers.
He still needs a proper name to carve into legend.

I must say I really reach my limit with this one. I have bring my eyes to a level of focus I won't overpass.  So, this is probably the best I have to offer. It would take lenses that I can't afford, to be more accurate. Therefor you will notice that my brush shakes a little on the details. Well that's it, I am not a robot-painter. 
It is the last time I use Games Workshop paintbrushes. The fine detail brush I use, lost its hairs at a pace I could not believe. I finished this figure with only half of the hairs on the brush and that was kind of irritating, as the paint would not flow regularly. Thus I think I'll definitly turn to the Army Painter products very soon.

With an axe this size...

He'd shorten anyone...

the brutal one...

as much as the wise

Others to come very soon. Horn blower and Hearthguards... But I am running out of time now... I keep you posted.


  1. Beautiful!
    I don't think that you have reach your limit: progress is always possible...
    I love the hand-painted signs on the mantle and the other ones!
    his axe would be a deadly weapon!

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thank you. I think you are right. After all this is the first time I dare going into such details. And I must say I was afraid. So Hopefully I get better at it. We shall see what future holds.

  2. Great painting! Hope you are able to finish the force in time for the game ...

    I gave up on GW's brushes years ago – I have an old large drybrush I use for basecoating, but that's it – and now use Windsor&Newton's Series 7 (size 1 and 000) for regular and detail painting and Army Painter's drybrush for well, drybrushing.

    The W&Ns are a bit on the pricey side, but for me they make painting so much easier and so are worth every penny.

    1. Hi Jonas,

      There are some really good piece of advise here.
      I didn't know about this manufacturer.
      Thanks a lot.

  3. Just catching up on all the blogs now, your warlord really is quite an impressive fellow.The paint job on the blue cloak as well as the red cloak is quite impressive. I especially like the blue on white squares.