Feb 7, 2013

The Bogatyrs, the back is revealed...

In order to put an end to my Russian Folkhero fancy, I thought it would be fun to show you a group picture of Ilya Mouromets, Alyosha Popovich and Dobryna Nikitich (click the names to know more about their respective story) and compare with the original canvas from Vasnetsov. I mean... It is not so often that we paint figures taken from a painting masterpiece.

Also, what I realised while painting these horsemen, is that Vasnetsov clearly avoided the hardest part by showing them stricly from a frontal point of view. In fact, I have put most of my efforts on items that are barely visible on the panel. So much, that I could have easely let these shields, scabards or kaftans completly bare of color.

Viktor Vasnetsov, The Bogatyrs, 1898
Well, I guess easy is not the way I see things when it comes to painting, hence my poor score in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. But at least I get to show you something that even the painter did not really care to pay attention to. For the first time (and probably the last) in my modest painter career, lets reveal the back!

Oh no, not this one... That one!

Now, I won't probably paint something related to russia for a while. And yet, I hope I could do the same one day with some other pieces of Art from the master Vasnetsov. His work is truly a well of inspiration for anyone who likes Russian Middel Age and Myths.

Viktor Vasnetsov, The Bard Bayan, 1910

Quite evocative isn't it? Only the miniatures haven't been sculpted so far... Well, who knows what the future holds...


  1. I wish you had more Russian minis to paint! Wonderful stuff. :-)

  2. Lovely work and a great looking unit!

  3. Great looking post and figures!

  4. Nice, very cool idea to make this well-known picture into miniature. Where are the figures from?

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