Sep 29, 2012

Harassed by arrows, they bend like bows

I managed to finish a unit of archers this week. I will use them as levies. They look probably a little too dressed up for a bunch of vulgar peasants, but farmers in russian tales wear always quite colourful outfits. Also, those are dwarves after all, or Dvergers as I decided to call them for a more Vicking flavour, and these guys tend to make up for their short size with some trappings of wealth.

Twelve Dvergers armed with pointy arrows...

ready to unleash the wrath of their bows.

Looking closely at the picture, one might notice a slight alteration in style. I actually painted a first batch of 8 figures, six months ago, and I added four more to reach the number of levies needed for Saga. Meanwhile, I have grown more confident with the technic and details I use on them, and the last four are tin metal figures instead of plastic. I think one can really notice that the carving is somehow sharper.

A close up on my four favorites. 

Careful, this one is big...
Now, I only have to finish a warlord and four Hearthguards to get those Dvergers ready to rip spine...

Sep 22, 2012

A shield and a Saga

I got my copie of both SAGA rule books yesterday. That's a start. I expected something thicker though.   After a quick reading through, I think I will play the dwarfs as Anglo-Danish for a start. The double-handed axes you ask ? Indeed, the double-handed axes.

I also had the chance to take a few pictures this morning, here is the result. First 30 shots were a mess, so I can only display the shielded warriors for the moment. The double-handed axes you ask ? Next time.

A eight warriors unit.

Note that the basing still needs little attention. But I am not quite sure I'll be able to texture those before Oct. the 6...

A close up on my favorite shield patterns.

Sep 18, 2012

No shield no Saga

A not so well taken picture to illustrate what I am currently at. This is my first attempt ever to paint shield patterns. I think all in all, it does not come out to bad. Credit for the inspiring pictures goes to: 

This first glance is part of a wider project involving dwarfs taken away from LotR to play SAGA.

Russian style shields for LotR Dwarf warriors.
The small ones come next...

Sep 16, 2012

Greatings from Nowhere

Welcome to this blog. Here you will find few pics of my recently painted figures. Sometimes a few comments well sensed. But sooner or later, you will realize, that most of the time,  I lead my soldiers nowhere.